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Karm Marg, India

Karm Marg, India

Karm Marg literally means the 'path of action' and began with a handful of children living on the New Delhi railway station.


With the help of a social worker, they began to change their lives by operating a small kitchen on a street-side to prepare free food for children there. The kitchen was run on the money contributed daily by the older children.


In the last seven years with the help of a small group of dedicated people, Karm Marg has grown to become a home for about 60 children, based on a 1.5 acres of farm land in Faridabad, outside New Delhi.


At the heart of Karm Marg's functioning has always been the idea to provide these children with a strong support system and to enable them with skills that allow them to be self reliant and sufficient. It is not only a home where children get love and care, but also a place where the children are exposed to various learning experiences.